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French is being a bully

It was discouraging to read of the political tactics employed by Spokane County Commissioner Al French to send a message to the Landmarks Commission by blocking appointment to six open positions. It’s bad enough for us to witness the bureaucratic buffoonery of Washington, D.C., without seeing it in full regalia at the local level.

I’ve never held public office, but in the private sector we tend to get in a conference room to settle our differences, make concessions and move forward. Also in the story from French regarding nominations to the Landmarks Commission: “We are not comfortable with the names being offered up.”

Regarding Kristen Griffin, outgoing director of the Historic Preservation Office: “She was viewed as being too much of an advocate.”

These comments don’t seem to support any kind of reasonable leadership for someone in a commissioner’s position. The only reason for this kind of bullying is if the bully has a personal agenda or ax to grind. If so, French should not run for office again. The rest of us may actually want to see intelligent, historic preservation projects continue in this city without the weighted drag of his need to send messages.

Pete Chase



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