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Sun., Feb. 23, 2014, midnight

From jobless to job lock

When reading the array of progressive sages prominently published in The Spokesman-Review, it’s amazing what one can learn. In a Feb. 6 letter, the author cites the renowned fiscal periodical, Mother Jones, “every dollar in food stamps puts another $1.67 into the economy,” while unemployment benefits return $1.49.

Using “old” math, that is a 167 percent and 147 percent return on the “investment.” Well, shazzam. Just mandating the entire nation receive these entitlements can retire the deficit and debt in no time. What could go wrong?

Then there is the Feb. 9 letter, disparaging the “bald-faced lies” about Obamacare. After advancing the irrational spin that reduced productivity while expanding entitlements is possible, the author ended his critical analysis with, “If you have to resort to lying to win an argument, then your argument must not be very viable.”

I trust the empirical and fallacious statements, “If you like your health plan, you can keep your health plan. Period.” Plus, the same assurance regarding one’s own doctor meets the author’s definition of non-viability.

If the freedom from “job-lock” was a planned benefit of the Affordable Care Act, why all the prior talk of “jobs, jobs, jobs” by the same dissemblers now extolling sloth?

Gary Warren


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