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SUNDAY, FEB. 23, 2014

High-caliber signs

Can someone out there tell North Idaho College (“Student arrested with a gun,” Feb. 11) where to find one of those cool little signs that hang on some schools, offices, restaurants and bank doors. You’ve seen them, the ones that proclaim a “gun-free zone.” I’ve got to get one for my house, too. But I really hope NIC can get one because they’ve had that problem recently.

I guess hanging those little signs up makes the bad guys just turn around and leave. Wow. How powerful is that? And to think we intended that to be a police officer’s job. So, all you folks sitting behind the doors where those signs hang must feel like you’re in one of the safest places on Earth.

There’s no need to worry about the guys stoned out of their heads on drugs or booze, or not in their right minds to start with. One look at that sign and, hey, you’re OK.

But make sure it’s a big sign, because I’ve read some stories.

Emery Wold

Spokane Valley

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