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Support Voting Rights Act

We’re lucky in Spokane. When we changed to have a district city council system in the 1990s, it created a system where each neighborhood can truly have a voice. Before that, when we had an at-large voting system, the South Hill dominated city politics. We couldn’t even pass a road bond because people thought it was going to help only the South Hill.

Our district system requires the council members to collaborate more, and know more about the issues in their part of town, and this makes our council more representative of our city. This gives the North Side as strong as a voice as the South Hill.

Many cities and towns in Washington have at-large elections and, as a result, whole neighborhoods may have no one from their area representing them in local government. Right now, the Washington Senate is considering legislation called the Washington Voting Rights Act that would fix this.

I’m supporting this bill because every community deserves what we have here: an opportunity to have a city council member who represents your neighborhood and who understands your issues.

Please join me in asking your senator to support this bill.

Rick Eichstaedt



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