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Tue., Feb. 25, 2014

Losing sleep over trains

After reading Connie Scarpelli’s and Robert Betone’s Feb. 2 letters about the oil train shipments that travel through Spokane, which could cause serious damage to our city, I would like to further state that the noise from these trains is another factor that is very disturbing.

I do not live as close to the tracks as a lot of people do, but I hear the trains strong enough that when they run in the night for two or three hours at a time, I cannot sleep. I’ve tried ear plugs and have not found any that help. Others in my neighborhood also have complained, so it isn’t just me that is having the problem.

I will certainly write to my federal and state representatives about this problem, and thank you, Connie Scarpelli and Robert Betone for speaking up.

Roberta Swenson


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