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Couple launch online exercise program, aim for convenience

Workout Anywhere is mobile-device friendly

In January, gyms are flooded with new members hoping to keep their New Year’s fitness resolutions.

By February, the crowds have thinned as the reality of combining regular exercise with busy lifestyles hits.

Exercise videos are an alternative for those who don’t want to have to leave home to work out, but even those are sometimes discarded after a few viewings.

But what if you could exercise anywhere with minimal equipment and no DVDs to keep track of? That’s the idea behind Workout Anywhere, an online fitness program created by Justin and Jessica Rundle.

“We want to help people have the best workout possible,” Jessica Rundle said. “This program is transportable and affordable.”

Transportable because the program can be streamed through smartphones, tablets or computers. Affordable because at $9.95 a month, “it’s cheaper than most gym memberships,” Justin Rundle said.

Jessica, 29, and Justin, 28, met during their senior year at Mt. Spokane High School. They married in 2006 and have long shared a passion for fitness.

Justin Rundle played football for Mt. Spokane and for the Whitworth Pirates and is the strength and conditioning coach at Mt. Spokane High School.

Jessica Rundle runs marathons and currently is featured on the cover of Glam Today magazine, an online fitness and lifestyle publication. Both are nationally certified personal trainers. They launched their company, Rundle Fit, and the Workout Anywhere program last year.

That’s not to say fitness came easily to them.

“By the time football was done at Whitworth, I weighed 265 pounds,” Justin Rundle said. “My knees were bugging me.”

Like many college graduates trying to launch careers, they found their gym-time limited – even though they worked in the fitness industry. So they began incorporating the strength and conditioning techniques Justin Rundle taught at Mt. Spokane with circuit or interval training.

“We made it quicker, with more demanding movements and little or no rest periods,” Jessica Rundle said. And they liked the results they saw in their own bodies.

They also embraced the clean-eating nutrition concept – consuming food in its most natural state – and added nutrition guidance and lean, healthy recipes to the Workout Anywhere program.

When the couple debuted some of their exercise concepts at the fitness boot camps they taught for adults at Mt. Spokane High School, they found a receptive and enthusiastic audience.

“We developed over 60 different workouts,” Justin Rundle said.

As they prepared for Workout Anywhere’s online launch, they zeroed in on how to set their program apart from the plethora of video-based workouts available.

In addition to the streaming, portable method, they tailored each workout to beginning, intermediate and advanced (“Beast”) levels. “There’s a lot of exercises out there, but they’re not designed for every fitness level,” Jessica Rundle said.

The basic 12-week program can be done at multiple levels to maximize fitness outcomes. The routines focus on core strength and metabolic conditioning, and while no free weights are used, some workouts incorporate a device called a suspension trainer. Made of lightweight nylon straps and carabiners, the device can be hung over a door or tree branch and uses your own body weight for strength training. “They’re inexpensive and extremely portable,” Justin Rundle said.

Most of the workouts take 30 minutes or less, but they also offer an eight-minute meltdown routine and a four-minute total core workout, so lack of time can longer be an excuse. “We discovered most people feel best about a lunch-hour workout,” Justin Rundle said.

Members can find support and answers to their workout questions on the company website and through a private Facebook page.

With membership currently hovering around 100, the Rundles say they are poised for rapid growth and hope many will embrace their message that you really can exercise anywhere.

“Really, all you need is a space to work out, a focused time, a positive mindset and some kind of guidance,” Justin Rundle said.

More than anything, they want people to know that the mission of Workout Anywhere isn’t necessarily to develop a body fit for magazine covers. While that’s a nice outcome, Jessica Rundle said, “Our goal is to help create a happy, healthy lifestyle.”

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