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EV school district board approves interim superintendent contract

Assistant superintendent Tom Gresch to lead district through June
By The Spokesman-Review
Glenewinkel’s severance deal

The East Valley School District has released its severance agreement with former Superintendent John Glenewinkel.

Some of the details include:

• Glenewinkel will continue to receive his normal salary through June 30.

• The school board agrees to buy out Glenewinkel’s contract, a three-year deal negotiated in May 2013. Glenewinkel will receive his base salary of $130,000, plus the amount designated as a salary reduction for his retirement annuity designated by his contract for the 2014-15 school year, which will be paid before July 31, 2014. Glenewinkel will also receive a lump sum payment of $171,500, less normal and regular payroll deductions, which is to be made before Aug. 30, 2014.

• Glenewinkel agrees not to make any disparaging statements, either written or verbal, regarding the district, its services, practices, board members or agents. The school board, both individually and as a board, agrees not to make any disparaging statements, written or verbal, about Glenewinkel.

The East Valley School Board met in executive session Tuesday to discuss the contract of Interim Superintendent Tom Gresch. Gresch was chosen as the interim superintendent Feb. 14 after the departure of former Superintendent John Glenewinkel.

The agreement, which went into effect Tuesday, will expire June 30. At that time, Gresch will be entitled to return to the position of assistant superintendent of general services, a position he previously held, for the 2014-15 school year.

According to the contract, Gresch won’t get a raise with this new position.

“My current salary and benefits is what I asked for,” Gresch said.

The contract also stipulates the board will evaluate Gresch’s performance in executive session by June 10. The discussion will include the working relationship between the board and Gresch.

The district will reimburse Gresch $1,000 a month for operation of his personal automobile for work-related travel within the school district and community. They will reimburse him for any business travel outside the district at the current mileage rate recognized by the Internal Revenue Service.

Gresch said board member Mike Harris was called away from the executive session and did not vote. He said board chairman Mike Novakovich and members Justin Voelker and Fred Helms voted to approve. Board member Mitch Jensen voted no.

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