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Avista monopoly frustrating

It must be nice to be a monopoly. You can request rate increases to help pay stockholder dividends. You can have ratepayers pay for your infrastructure cost and charge them again in the near future to replace and or update it. You can acquire other companies using ratepayer money. And you can advertise your business and spend ratepayer money even though the ratepayers have no say in who provides these basic services.

You have to love a system that uses the money of many to benefit the few. Make Avista show what happened to the rate increases that were approved by the Utilities and Transportation Commission in the past. This money was also to replace aging infrastructure and, by the way, it is exponential because the rate increases don’t go away, they just get piled on top of each other.

Either give me a competitive choice in purveyors or some say in rate increases. Quit giving them their rate increases.

Bill Tibbits

Liberty Lake


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