February 28, 2014 in Letters, Opinion

Three tickets to China


Apparently, writers Doug Bacon, Joe Speranzi and Nancy Runyan went to the school of spin journalism. Just preface a statement with, “As far as I can tell,” to allow one to say that National Rifle Association members want to kill police with “cop killer” bullets and other nonsense. Seriously? Or lump guns and butt implants together to illustrate one’s wittiness in defining what other people “need.”

China the “greatest economic success story of all time”? No. We are living there now, here in the United States. Even with crony capitalism and socialism, we still have a better history than China on all fronts.

Since I am one of those evil capitalists derided by such writers, I happen to have enough evil money to buy such authors tickets to China, or any other communist country, so that they can experience all their glory. You know, like any number of former communist citizens who have fled to the U.S. to escape those wonderful utopias.

Try judging a country by how people vote with their feet. I haven’t seen a mass exodus from the U.S. to China.

Melanie Smith


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