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Fri., Jan. 3, 2014

Reduce military and poverty

It’s very timely to speak of our shrinking military. I favor that trend continuing. Here’s how a win/win could emerge from this nonemergency: Reducing poverty can result from widespread enrollment in the Affordable Health Care insurance, providing all the nutrition that growing children need and educating every child possible through high school. Thus, we have three areas of our society that could be healed – provided it matters to us.

Talk of a “weakened” military may be fear-mongering. Within this century, I foresee climate change as being more destructive of our way of life than present-day China. Any nuclear war is lose/lose. Should there be a nuclear war someday, it will end all nuclear arsenals.

There are many societies we Americans admire whose children are educated without the barrier of severe income inequality. The portion of their gross domestic product devoted to the military and spying is far lower than ours. Hypothetically, some huge number of American youths could not qualify for recruitment. Not surprisingly, many of the same couldn’t find work paying a living wage. Since children don’t vote, don’t demand the ear of legislators, we have to agitate in their favor ourselves. It’s vital!

Steve Johnston


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