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The Slice: Holiday weeks take their toll

It’s probably not true for everyone.

But for some of us, the last couple of weeks have been disorienting. The midweek holiday breaks wedged between work days could leave you muddled.

Some of us have spent the past fortnight in an almost perpetual state of confusion about the day of the week.

So, as a reader service, let me state something for the record.

Today is Saturday.

Unless it’s Wednesday again.

Better check the top of the page. The editors who handle putting the date up there are almost always right.

Bonus points to you if you knew that’s called the folio on inside pages.

Saturday Slice quiz: What’s the name of the 1952 rodeo/romance Robert Mitchum movie with a few scenes filmed in Spokane? A) “Lilacs and Leather.” B) “Bull, He Said.” C) “Rode Hard and Hung Up on Huckleberries.” D) “Bronco Bobby and His Inadequate Medical Coverage.” E) “The Lusty Men.” F) “Junior Marmot.” G) “Vachel Lindsay and His Night Range Ropers.” H) “Insane Rodeo Clown Posse.” I) “Honky Tonks and Tartar Sauce.” J) “Stoddard King, Legend of the West.” K) “Mustang Sally.” L) “Conscious and Alert.”

Call me Monday, if you aren’t sure about the answer.

Your first chance to win a coveted reporter’s notebook in 2014: How would Spokane be different today if Expo ’74 had never happened? Would it be a Bedford Falls/Pottersville kind of deal?

See if you can answer that in 25 words or less. Written entries only, please.

Warm-up question: If the Inland Northwest seceded from Washington, Idaho and Oregon, what would be a good name for the new state? A) Columbia. B) Jefferson. C) Insania. D) Broke. E) Angershire. F) Confederacy of Dunces. G) Unseattle. H) New Alabama. I) Baja British Columbia. J) Nearlahoma. K) The Lake. L) Other.

Today’s Slice question: This might require a level of self-awareness some of us could not claim. But to what extent does your income shape your attitude about this area’s livability?

Write The Slice at P.O. Box 2160, Spokane, WA 99210; call (509) 459-5470; email Name the movie partly filmed in the Inland Northwest in which some of the characters repeatedly watch “The Sound of Music.”

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