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Letters to the Editor

Sun., Jan. 5, 2014, midnight

Appreciate closed comments

Thank you so very much for your holiday experiment of closing the comments section on articles. It has been quite refreshing to read The Spokesman-Review and not be tempted to just glance at the comments. I know I shouldn’t, because they often just upset me, and then I feel obliged to respond.

I’m aware that it makes no sense for me to do that, because people who comment on news stories tend to have strongly held views and aren’t going to change them because of what I say. But I find it hard to resist.

So what a blessing it’s been to have you save me from myself, resulting in me having both more time to do other, more meaningful things, and also lower my blood pressure.

Please consider being radical and doing away with the comments section permanently. You could be the cutting edge in a new trend toward civility among our citizens.

Jessie Norris


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