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Sun., Jan. 5, 2014

Spirit lacking downtown

David Bray is right on! (“Downtown a Christmas downer,” Dec. 29). Not only does downtown lack holiday spirit, it lacks spirit throughout the year. As you travel around the country, you can tell which communities are welcoming, festive and have pride.

I have been pleading with the Downtown Spokane Partnership for decades to install hanging planters on posts and buildings. I have even given them a contact of the business that installs, plants and maintains the beautiful hanging baskets in (Seattle’s) Pioneer Square and other communities.

If it was not for Walt Worthy and the developers of River Park Square, downtown would be nothing but a huge skid row and most properties would be essentially worthless. Any enterprise, especially downtown’s, requires constant upgrades and investment. Have these absentee landlords not been aware that a few investors and nonprofits (events) have saved their bacon in Spokane? Isn’t it worth a small investment to do their fair share in upgrading and beautifying downtown?

Allan LeTourneau


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