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Veteran bands ignored

I guess if there is a concert in Spokane, it has to be a certain band or age group to get a review in The Spokesman-Review.

I have noticed that the only recent concerts to get reviews in the newspaper are either someone in the band has to be from Spokane (Macklemore and Ryan Lewis) or a Northwest grunge band that hasn’t played in our city for 20 years (Pearl Jam).

Spokane had two terrific concerts this past year that weren’t even mentioned with a sentence of how well they performed or how they also sold out the Veterans Memorial Arena. I’m talking about Fleetwood Mac, this past June, and Bon Jovi, in October.

I also saw Paul McCartney in July in Seattle, and noticed that if you wanted to see the review of that concert, you had to go online.

I guess getting older and going to concerts in the Northwest and seeing fantastic shows, you have to spread the word by mouth. Because music that has been around and will be remembered for years is obviously not going to get reviews because the writers were obviously not even born yet.

Charles Bowman



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