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Tue., Jan. 7, 2014

Replace all leaders

All of our elected officials have failed to uphold their oath of office. What part of the Constitution authorizes them to give away public money? Unemployment compensation without paying into a self-sustaining insurance fund for that purpose is illegal and unconstitutional.

These people have placated the unjustly unemployed with extended benefits paid for with my money since 2005. That is eight years of fraud, deception and corruption. Now, they want to extend it again. When will it stop? Raise the national debt ceiling again? Why? Our country is in serious trouble and on the wrong course. I don’t like what our nation is becoming.

If you want real unemployment reduction, reverse the destruction of our manufacturing infrastructure and the outsourcing of jobs to foreign entities. By killing manufacturing, you lose knowledge, skills and expertise that cannot be recovered. Made in China can be corrected only if these people choose to.

Elections are coming, but, unfortunately, the uninformed, the clueless and politically created dependents (the unemployed and welfare recipients) will continue to keep these people in office.

My New Year’s wish is that all 535 elected and appointed individuals in Washington, D.C. be replaced. I want my country back.

Donald Stone


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