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Wed., Jan. 8, 2014

First Night disappoints

It is to my understanding that First Night Spokane is designed be a family event to celebrate the New Year. I have attended in the past. However, after attending this year, I do not plan to attend again.

Some of the things I witnessed were not family friendly and didn’t portray Spokane positively. As I walked through the crowds at the mall and to First Night events, I didn’t feel safe. I saw multiple fights break out. I also observed vomit on the sidewalks, alcohol bottles littered on the ground and people in the park openly drinking. Also, people simply ignored the tobacco rules, making it difficult to avoid smoke outside.

To me, there did not seem to be enough of a police presence, so they just monitored the masses without doing much. I think Spokane drastically needs to change the way this event is happening before families and citizens quit attending.

Cassidy Doohan


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