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Thu., Jan. 9, 2014

Fully label food

All food companies should be required to research and properly label their products. As a sufferer of celiac disease, I cannot have any foods containing gluten. The problem with this is that gluten can be found in a lot more than just wheat, barley, rye and the other lesser-known gluten-containing grains. It can also be in certain food additives and natural flavors.

This can pose a problem, as not all companies know what is in the natural flavors and food additives they add to their products. All companies should be required to know what is in the things they add to their food.

We have the right to demand that all products be fully labeled, not only with allergen warnings, but also with whether or not a product has been genetically modified, been exposed to certain pesticides, or been given antibiotics. Every one of these things can have an impact on people’s health and well-being and, as such, stricter requirements need to be imposed on companies to ensure we are getting the most accurate information available.

Moriah Iverson


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