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Thu., Jan. 9, 2014, midnight

Talk nice, act mean

Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers has just delivered to her House Republican peers a memo on how to talk with unemployed constituents: Be nice.

I would suggest to the congresswoman that she come to the Employment Security building and issue those calming words after telling those seeking a job how badly she feels for them, but she is going to vote against the benefit extension. Or she will say we can’t afford it.

She won’t mention the $4 billion we give away to the oil and gas companies. She won’t talk to you about the hedge fund managers who are taxed at 15 percent, while they pocket millions, and sometimes billions, of dollars annually.

But she will talk about the privatization of Social Security and replacing Medicare with vouchers.

Someone should ask her.

Allen Roberts

St. John, Wash.

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