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Lewiston PD searching for alleged serial car vandal

Suspect rigging accelerators of cars with keys in ignition, police say

Lewiston Police are searching for a car vandal they say has twice rigged the gas pedal of unattended cars with keys in the ignition since Thursday.

Investigators think a car theft ended in a crash early Thursday in southeast Lewiston. According to a news release, the thief or thieves took a 1999 Toyota Corolla to the intersection of 15th Street and Ripon Avenue and piled debris in the roadway. The culprits then placed a rock on the accelerator and caused the Corolla to barrel through the debris and crash into a nearby tree, according to the news release.

Early Friday, police once again came upon a car left unattended with its keys in the ignition on Ripon Avenue. A door was open and a large block was in the front seat, according to the Police Department. The owner of the car said there were no heavy objects in the car when they left it earlier in the evening.

Police think the two incidents are related and are asking the public for information about a small white sedan, similar to a Toyota Supra, that was seen leaving the scene of Friday’s discovery. Anyone with information is asked to call the Lewiston Police Department at 208-746-0171.

In both cases, police emphasized, the victim’s vehicles were left unlocked with the keys in the ignition.

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