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New year, new hope for Hawks

We asked our friends on Facebook for their best predictions of events that will take place during 2014. The result was, of course, a mixed bag – some amusing, some serious, some hopeful. Here’s a sampling:

Nina Rudd

Two options: 1. We’ll respect one another more and work together or 2. We’ll continue down the same road and think our opinion is the only one that could possibly be right.

Chuck Wagar

SEAHAWKS Super Bowl champs

Amber Jones

What Chuck said! Go Hawks!

Scott Hubachek

Seahawks winning Super bowl.

Julie Hogan

People will realize the “Affordable care act” is anything but!

Steve Paulson

They will quit calling it Obamacare because it will begin to stop people from getting basic health care from the emergency room. They won’t like the name when it works.

Barbara Jo Ransom Bolich

Spokantler’s newspaper will run 3 stories involving deer before the winter is over.

Charlotte Wolfe-Nilson

Nicer attitudes!!!!!! :)

Annette Schenck

Our posts on Facebook will free us from our inhibitions so we begin to speak these thoughts personally, to the people we love. Wishing you love in the New Year, strong enough to last your lifetime.

Linda Ligatich

Bigfoot will be spotted taking the “polar bear” plunge at The Bowl & Pitcher.

Billy Nichols

It will be a lot like 2013. Winter will be followed by Spring and then by Summer and eventually then will come fall with the beautiful colors that fall brings. And there will be just like in 2013 all the exciting Holidays to enjoy with family and friends throughout the entire year. And then another new year will follow with fireworks and much celebration with much greater and better anticipation for even a better year yet to come. 

Donald Howe

I predict the national debt will rise. I’m right every year.

Julie Campbell Sanborn

We’ll no doubt still be talking about downtown and the need to clean it up.

Lorilei Wahl

Spokane will build a city park like the new one in Seattle with hundreds of edible plants and free to everyone: -D

Thom Foote

A food forest WILL be started and I will find a reliable source of chemical free straw, hay and chicken feed.

Billie Wolff

The bio fuel center by Oakesdale!