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Sun., Jan. 12, 2014

Bipartisanship works

As the political year 2013 closes, congratulations are in order for the hard-earned efforts of two bipartisan committees. A standing ovation to the Federal Reserve and former Chairman Ben Bernanke, Republican; Sen. Patty Murray, D-Wash., Senate Budget Committee chairman; and Rep. Paul Ryan, R-Wis., House Budget Committee chairman. They worked outside of today’s accepted political black-box playbook and are examples of breaths of fresh air in the current political atmosphere of non-cooperation and negativity.

Bernanke’s financial marketing skills and his bipartisan economic strategies have jump-started the stock market. Remember, he is a Republican appointed by a Democratic president. Congress finished 2013 on a bipartisan note with the approval of a two-year federal budget agreement, thanks to Murray and Ryan.

These are positive demonstrations of bipartisan teamwork that embody an honest dialogue of give and take. This is what our elected officials are sent to Washington, D.C., to do. The lesson to be practiced here is to develop a partnership of good will and trust that will assure an outcome benefiting all citizens of this country, not just the political parties’ lobbyists’ agendas.

James Wallace

Hauser, Idaho

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