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Couples fly in face of unlucky number

Thirteen proved to be a lucky number for some Slice readers who got married on that day of the month.

“We were married at Central Christian Church on Fourth Avenue downtown on Friday, July 13, 1956,” wrote Isabelle and Rondy Green. “The marriage lasted longer (going on 57 years) than the church, which was torn down to build the freeway.”

Sharon Englehart and her husband got married in Coeur d’Alene on a Friday the 13th in November 1953. “We’ve had a long, happy marriage and are still going strong,” she wrote.

Mary Nelson married husband Randy on a Friday the 13th in April 1973. “The reason for that date, we didn’t want it to interfere with opening day of fishing season. He still fishes and we are still married.”

Others who had no regrets about getting married on the 13th include Anita Reynolds, Ardie Jenkins, Patsy Wood’s parents, Karl and Kate Otterstrom, Bill and Virginia Ailes, Bill and Carol Mahaney, Gary Polser, Valerie Adams’ parents, Bill Kaufman, Kathlyn Springer’s parents, and Dennis and Bonnie DeMattia.


Who holds the record for most attempts to stop smoking?


“Asking us not to say Athol was our favorite Inland Northwest place name made me think of a story,” wrote Liz Schatz.

“Several years ago, when our youngest was playing competitive sports, we stayed at a hotel in Lewiston, Idaho. Our event was taking place in a town in Washington. The morning we were leaving I overheard the coach ask the front desk clerk how long it took to get to ‘Ass Oh Tin.’ It was hard not to laugh, but I managed not to and so did the clerk.”

Patty Conway said “Usk” is her favorite regional place name, even if sharing it with those far away can be trying. “When you say it, they don’t get it. When you spell it, they still don’t get it.”

TODAY’S SLICE QUESTION: Sure, this is a first-world problem. Sue me.

If you had a brand new or lovingly restored car, what would be your non-jerky strategy about limiting the chance of door dings when finding a place in parking lots?

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