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MONDAY, JAN. 13, 2014

First Night safe, sound

Where did Cassidy Doohan (Jan. 8) go to, an alternate universe?

Here is what I enjoyed at First Night, 2013. I arrived downtown at 2 p.m. to begin my volunteer shift selling buttons. I saw many happy families with kids enjoying Kid’s Night Out. Then I left and parked on Third and Walnut around 8 p.m., and walked all the way to River Park Square. I met some friends and wandered from there through the park to the Convention Center. Then back through the park, warming at one of the great fire pits along the way, took a photo at the ice sculpture and back to River Park Square.

Not once did we encounter any drunk folks, and saw not one fight or any vomit or alcohol bottles. We stayed until after the fireworks and never felt in danger at all. I am a 64-year-old woman and feel perfectly safe at First Night.

Mary Naber


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