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Science supports warming

The Jan. 8 NBC News covered the severe cold temperatures that much of the country was experiencing, but also mentioned that some people were using this as additional evidence that global warming was not actually occurring. Science is based on the preponderance of evidence, not a particular study or particular event.

If you are following this issue, the temperature in Chicago means nothing if you don’t also take into account the temperature in Moscow, Copenhagen, Melbourne and other places around the globe. This is, after all, global warming we are talking about. Similarly, it is possible to cite scientific studies that provide evidence that is contrary to the hypothesis that global warming is occurring and is largely man-caused.

However, most studies show, and most climate scientists would agree, that global warming is occurring and our activities that are putting carbon dioxide into the atmosphere are largely to blame. People who don’t understand this or refuse to believe this simply don’t understand or don’t believe in science.

Bob Wilson

Athol, Idaho


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