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Tue., Jan. 14, 2014

Traffic jam unnecessary

I occasionally go from the Valley to Deer Park. For several months, if you were westbound on Francis Avenue east of Freya Street and wanted to go north on Freya to access the northbound freeway, you were required to wait in a single line behind all the vehicles that were waiting to continue straight across Market Street. There was plenty of room to move some traffic cone and allow for a right turn only lane.

Now, if you are on northbound Market and wish to turn right at Francis and go east you have the exact same situation. Also, currently, if you wish to go north on Market from westbound Francis, same thing again. What gives with this? Don’t the folks who put out the cones ever drive these routes? All they need to do is move some cones.

Looks like the New Jersey George Washington Bridge debacle.

Dennis Stoeser

Newman Lake

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