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U.S. wrong on health care

Do Republicans understand that their virulent opposition to Obamacare makes us look like morons to the rest of the civilized world? It’s not like universal health care is a crazy, leftist scam forced on people doing just fine without it. Canada has government-sponsored universal health care. So do Great Britain, France, Italy, Portugal, Germany.

Medical bills are the No. 1 cause of bankruptcy in the United States. We let good, decent, hard-working folks lose everything they own, going into financial ruin, because they get sick or injured and don’t have insurance.

The problem is the lack of a public option like Medicaid for the millions of Americans who still won’t be able to afford good insurance. I heard one family of six will pay $1,890 in monthly premiums with a $22,000 deductible. Of course, $22,000 would hardly cover a severely broken leg. At least this family is insured against catastrophes. Never mind they can’t afford to take their sick kids to the doctors.

We all need health care. Is the rest of the world wrong on this? By the way, I am keeping my same physician under my new insurance. No problems. Everyone has been very helpful.

Darlene Brice



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