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He let Jesus slip away

Surprise, surprise! Another religion professor is telling us that Jesus wasn’t really God.

But then, people have been trying to shoot down the divinity of Christ since the first disciples claimed he had risen from the dead. Yet, millions of people over several thousand years claim that they have met this risen Jesus. Thousands of Biblical scholars have also studied the Scriptures and ancient history and have believed. Indeed, some of the greatest minds of history have been devoted followers of Jesus.

The Jan. 4 spread on author Reza Aslan only showed he has nothing new to say. Nick Gier’s op-ed on Christmas day suggested he had never read C. S. Lewis on Jesus as, “Myth become fact.” In Lewis’ view, the abundance of “divine birth” stories is evidence that this idea is imbedded in our consciousness. It is a predictor of the real event.

I think these religion professors know less about Jesus than the simplest believer whose life has been transformed by Christ. What is especially sad about Aslan is that he let the joy and happiness he found meeting Jesus at a Young Life camp slip away. I guess fame and money will have to satisfy.

James Becker



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