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Wed., Jan. 15, 2014, midnight

Idaho standards flunk test

The word “education” from its Latin origin means “to lead forth.” The new standards imposed on our schools, the Idaho Core Standards, are not rigorous or engaging. States that have participated in sample testing through Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium have seen a minimum 30 percent drop in scores, creating “D” students from “A” students. Don’t be fooled.

Standards drive curriculum, and this curriculum does not teach principles of living and depth of knowledge in subject matter. Common Core State Standards materials offer a “culturally sanctioned body of knowledge designed to help students form their own sense of reality.” Video game designers do that, right?

The abdication of our school system to technology moguls such as the Gates Foundation will produce the “vidiots” (my word) we deserve if we allow this program to continue.

We have an opportunity to thwart the net of Idaho Core Standards from capturing students. Contact your legislator to discuss student futures. Legislator names and email addresses are at Gov. Butch Otter’s education task force was established to “move education forward in Idaho for our students and educators.”

Students should be led forth, not pushed forth. This is our responsibility to them as citizens, parents and taxpayers.

Carolyn Minnick


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