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Thu., Jan. 16, 2014

Rush backs up statements

I couldn’t help but respond to Gary Crooks’ attempt at a bully pulpit. On Jan. 12 (“Ignorance on loan from God”), his opinion attacking Rush Limbaugh violates his own premise.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand why the Washington Post lost customers and was sold. Rush backs up most of his statements. Many of the Post’s experts continually pump out undocumented liberal accusations. Rush doesn’t debunk many scientists on global warming, just the reasons for it; something that he very conveniently chose to omit.

His logic was just as lame on Dec. 22 (“Politics infect health policy”) when he tried to justify the Affordable Care Act as not really harming many private health plans. Instead of mentioning more than 2 million health plans cancelled by the ACA, he tried to justify why this did not happen by using examples of just two local individuals, including the rationale that one cancellation was because of the “market environment.” Duh.

Accompanying editorial on the same date (“Court ruling on records puts public interest first”) sounds like a neat idea to keep us informed, except for one thing: We probably wouldn’t get good information because of The Spokesman-Review’s prejudiced manipulation of the facts.

Thomas Boyd

Spokane Valley

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