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Thu., Jan. 16, 2014, midnight

Science is uncertain

I am not a disciple of Rush Limbaugh. And no knowledgeable person would rule out global warming based on a recognized climate phenomenon such as a polar vortex, unless such events become more frequent.

But I must remind Gary Crooks (Jan. 12) that the science of climate change is not settled and that there is no shortage of blowhards on the other side of the fence.

The rants of Al Gore certainly equal those of Limbaugh. Then there are the scientists of East Anglia who deliberately fudged warming data and went on a campaign of name-calling, including threats to any scientist who dared disagree with them.

There are so many holes in the consensus theories that “global warming” has been renamed “climate change.” A prime consideration is the fact that the climate behavior for the past 16 years has not followed the predicted course of warming theorists.

Like many geologists, I am skeptical about climate “science” that puts prime control of climate change into human hands. We have witnessed in our studies, past, often drastic, climate change events that have been caused by myriad natural forces dwarfing anything that humans can create.

Morris Kaufman

Spokane Valley

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