January 17, 2014 in Letters, Opinion

Cheap shots at Aslan


Regarding James Becker’s analysis (Jan. 15) of the controversy over Reza Aslan’s interpretation of Jesus: The things Becker says bear not at all on the conclusions he wants to draw.

It is no surprise that conservatives don’t want the historical Jesus to be seen as a liberal. However, the sheer magnitude of belief cannot turn myths into truths. But Becker seems to think weight of numbers determine what’s true.

Just because “millions of people over several thousand years” claim that they have met Jesus doesn’t mean they have. That “some of the greatest minds of history,” including C.S. Lewis, “have been devoted followers of Jesus” doesn’t mean they were right to have done so.

Just because divine birth stories are embedded in our consciousness doesn’t mean there was a virgin birth. That happens in some frogs (it’s called parthenogenesis), but not in primates. It can’t.

Finally, for Becker to accuse Aslan of being motivated by fame and money is nothing more than a cheap shot.

Lee Freese


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