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Spokane hungers for more

Fri., Jan. 17, 2014

Wisconsinburger, a new restaurant planned on Spokane’s South Hill, will feature Midwestern menus, including fried cheese curds and butter burgers. We asked readers what other specialties from other areas of the country they’d like to see offered in Spokane. Here’s a sampling of the responses:


Robert Hemphill

Juicy Lucy’s from MN!

Jordan Johnston

Spokane needs a good poutinerie. Mmm.

Sharon Roberts 

Popeyes … or a CiCi’s pizza

Michelle Watt 

Rosa’s Cafe – real Mexican food for cheap!

Kristin Olson

Tim Horton’s!

Amber Cassell

REAL Southern sweet tea on menus

Kim Theurich

A Panera bread

Arlene Flett

How ’bout some barbecue like Red Hot and Blue from back east?

Denise Carver Durflinger


Tanya Dashiell

Southern/Southern BBQ! Kansas City or Memphis BBQ.

Sara Golden

Something a little different. Like McAlister’s - amazing baked potatoes with delicious toppings. Or Jason’s Deli.

Maddie Weaver


Michele Mary

Moe’s Southwest Grill

Jeri Ramsdell

12th man burger served with Skittles

Georgia Spencer

True wood, over-nighted Southern BBQ would be great. Locally owned restaurants are still the best, no more chains!

Sharon Matthews Scott 

Cappriotti’s Deli

Shannon Kaye Evans

Sweet Tomatoes restaurant – miss that from Florida!

Liz Arakelian

Dunkin Donuts. And In-N-Out.

Marlys Maybonne

Greek, Middle Eastern, Pakistani, Indian. More Mediterranean and more Asian food in general would be great.

Bill Lundin

Mandarin Duck.

Amy Calkins

Frozen Custard! I hope they have some REAL BRATS also served up at this place. … I am from Wisconsin and never found a good brat around here.

Boris Slayman

Tex Mex!

Daniel Murphy

Chitlins, necks and gizzards, Lutefisk, and Norwegian meatballs.

Nancy Cruz-Shoemake

I’d LOVE to see a Steak ‘n Shake!

Sabina Pinch

I’d rather have Texas’ Rudy’s BBQ with cream corn. Come over here, Rudy, we love you!

Cortney Litwin

Souplantation! Also, more Mediterranean and Indian food, please.


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