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Sat., Jan. 18, 2014

Cure economy’s ills

Many of our neighbors honestly feel that the marketplace is the best place to set prices, wages, employment opportunities and the means for profit. They say, “How can anyone question that?” Well, every few years we have a recession or a depression, and a very lot of people are devastated, some for life. These people have done nothing to cause their devastation. The marketplace is not working for them.

After the Great Depression, we learned, as a nation, that there was a way to save us from the sickness of the marketplace without eliminating that marketplace. It was called the New Deal. Part of the New Deal was unemployment insurance. Without this insurance, both the people and the economy suffer from the passing sickness of the marketplace. Since the real alternative to a sick marketplace is replacing it with something else, we should all support things that keep the economy healthy for all of us.

Too many people hurt when the economy gets ill. We can fix this problem.

Allan deLaubenfels

Spokane Valley

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