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Sat., Jan. 18, 2014

Secure borders first

When the hull of a vessel is breached, is the primary response focused on plugging the hole or declaring that the floodwater is potable?

History makes it clear that any nation unable to control its borders is weakened and eventually defeated. Border security and immigration reform are two separate issues that must be resolved in the proper sequence. Having immigration reform or, more accurately, amnesty, without first securing America’s borders is like declaring the floodwater potable without plugging the hole. Eventually America will be sunk.

The current Republican leadership wants to partner with Democrats in passing legislation that provides amnesty to those who came to America illegally, while ignoring any effort to secure America’s borders. It is critical that both issues be resolved.

However, America’s borders must first be secured prior to and separate from any legislation on immigration reform. Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers, No. 4 in the House leadership, wants to represent Eastern Washington for a sixth term. What effort has the congresswoman made to ensure America’s borders are secure? More important, does she support and what will she do to ensure America’s borders are secured prior to any legislation dealing with those who came to America illegally?

Doug Belcher


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