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The Slice: Can’t we all just do our jobs?

When rumors about job security totally supplant speculation about office affairs, you know a workplace is dealing with stress.

Let’s move on.

Just wondering two-fer: Does Spokane’s family-friendly reputation translate into local restaurants being more understanding of toddler freakouts than restaurants elsewhere?

Do you have a policy about reading/not reading online comments attached to news stories about Martin Luther King Jr. Day?

Favorite Inland Northwest place names: Tim Wink has always been fond of “Spangle.”

“Half sparkle, half bangle,” he said.

He likes “Dusty,” too.

Tips for organizing a gathering of neighbors who don’t really know one another: “My advice on a block party is DO IT,” wrote Larrie Waterman. “I held one several summers ago, a patio potluck, and met some really nice folks and only one Bozo.”

On and off: “The Sunday Slice got me thinking,” wrote Sherry Hutchison. “What about the type of person who will get on the freeway for just one or two exits? I don’t think this is as common in larger cities as it was (and still is) here. Have you ever noticed this? These people, of course, just make the whole experience more stressful for everyone.”

Slice answer: “Just had to put in my two cents on the subject of mom’s cooking,” wrote Jan Myhre of Spokane Valley. “My mother was a great cook. I grew up a post-Depression kid and frugality was the mode of the day. We didn’t have much, but Mom made the most of what we had. The thing is, she hated cooking. Hated deciding what to cook, the shopping, preparation and clean up. Her kitchen counters would be littered with utensils, measuring cups and bowls. It looked like a burglary had taken place by the time she finally put a meal on the table. Stuff was everywhere. Then, it took her three times longer for clean up than to prepare. But she always served a terrific meal.”

Today’s Slice question: Today is the late A.A. Milne’s birthday. What is your favorite Poohism?

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