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Empathy lessons needed

Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers has penned yet another timely primer for her clueless Republicans. This time it’s to help House GOP members show kindness and understanding back home when attempting to reconcile record corporate profits and stock prices with continued high unemployment, stagnant wages and draconian food stamp cuts.

Circulated among the GOP to avoid, er, provide, talking points to the empathy challenged, “How to Talk to The Little People” cast in stark relief the utter incompetence of today’s GOP – except when representing their business sponsors, or when the Koch brothers twitch a particularly sensitive string.

McMorris Rodgers’ Cliff Notes version of what used to be called society’s basic contract follows McDonald’s helpful holiday suggestions for employees on tipping the au pair and personal trainer, and Wal-Mart asking underpaid associates to help out their fellow underpaid associates at Christmas.

We’ve somehow been transported to a horrific universe whose logic is based on the Marx Brothers performing Kafka. Using duck calls.

The House GOP would do well to reread that McDonald’s employee memo because it also warned McDonald’s employees against eating fast food.

Huh. Imagine that. Warning people to avoid your own business. Why, that would be like Republicans.

Patrick Conley



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