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The Slice: Broken finger elicits opposite response

Sun., Jan. 19, 2014, midnight

Sandpoint’s Joanne Cottrell could not help but be pleased.

“I was walking back to work after lunch and noticed that people driving by were very friendly” she wrote. “They were smiling and waving at me. How sweet.”

Then she realized what was going on.

Cottrell recently fell and broke her wrist. And, well, she can tell it.

“I walk down the street with my arm raised to keep my wrist elevated. Looks like I am waving.”

So, OK, maybe what she witnessed was not a spontaneous burst of good cheer from passing strangers. But hey, a smile is a smile.

“I am glad that I can bring a bit of happiness to folks. I may continue to wave after my cast is off.”

Today’s Slice question: How do you react to seeing a recent photograph of yourself? A) “Auuuuugggggghhhhh!” B) “Who is that old guy wearing my shirt?” C) “Do I really look like that?” D) “Why haven’t my friends organized an intervention?”

E) “That’s it. I am not eating again until Memorial Day.” F) “Fat, Fat, the water rat.” G) “Who is that dowager countess wearing my sweater?” H) “I hadn’t realized that top is quite so snug.”

I) “Couldn’t they have airbrushed it or something?” J) “The way I have my lips pressed together makes me look like someone who thinks his teeth are terrible.” K) “Well, they say the camera adds 40 pounds.” L) “Wow, I’m quite the babe.”

M) “No wonder people are always hitting on me.” N) “Is that red-eye thing a light reflection or was I wasted when that was taken?” O) “Please delete that.” P) “No, seriously. I’ll give you $10 if you don’t send that to anyone.”

Q) “The ravages of time show no mercy.” R) “That’s not a very flattering angle.” S) “I think I see a wardrobe malfunction.” T) “It would appear that my self-image is at odds with reality.”

U) “Good grief, my hairline is in full retreat.” V) “How many chins is a person supposed to have?” W) “I’m turning into my dad.”

X) “Did you use some sort of gag lens?” Y) “As Pigpen said, I didn’t realize I looked that good.” Z) Other.

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