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Mon., Jan. 20, 2014

Ballfields are overkill

Regarding the Jan. 14 article on the South Side Little League sports complex:

I feel Pia Hallenberg peddled too lightly on a vital point. Brian Gosline’s primary intent was to build a sports complex for tournament play. As far as the kids who use our ballparks go, they will grow up and move on. They won’t care if it was a school baseball field or a multimillion-dollar sports complex. It won’t matter.

Seriously, Spokane, we need to think about this. Do kids really need a multimillion-dollar sports complex? What’s wrong with this picture? The conversation needs to be about overindulging children. Overindulging them is not the same as loving them.

I encourage Spokane citizens to donate their money to causes with long-term positive impact on our community. Keep in mind, we already have hundreds of baseball fields. There are countless local charitable organizations that provide positive impact and help thousands of our local citizens. After all, kids grow up. They move on. They move away. They really don’t care where they play baseball, as long as they can play it.

A multimillion-dollar sports complex for young kids? I don’t think so. Donate wisely.

Nanci Savada Ice


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