The Slice: Directionally challenged should expand horizons

Let’s get one thing straight.

If you live in Spokane or Spokane Valley, Coeur d’Alene does not qualify as “Back East.”

Let’s move on.

Hide and seek: Sherri Robinson wonders how many people in our area are, at this very moment, scrutinizing plastic containers or packaging under a bright light to see if it is recycling material. She thinks some manufacturers must take pleasure in making the little triangles hard to see.

Things that separate us from the animals: “The rule is that a clean spoon or knife is always used in the jelly or peanut butter jars, but what drives me up a wall is crumbs in the butter,” wrote Hayley Murdock. “We go through a lot of utensils when we make toast or sandwiches. One new knife for each condiment. Sadly, the butter gets victimized by the toast crumbs too often. I have been known to cut off a slice of butter with crumbs on the edge or dig a bit out of the soft stuff tub if it is crumby.”

Slice answers: So there are still plenty of people who know Morse code. There are those who learned in the military, those who learned as railroaders and there are amateur radio operators who still use it.

I’m guessing the average age of those I heard from would be about 70.

“Morse code is not dead,” wrote Virginia Ramshaw. “My daughter, Amanda, and her friend, Lauren, are 21-year-old college seniors. As middle school students they learned Morse code so they could communicate secretly with one another.”

In the matter of trying to avoid door dings in parking lots: “The funniest thing I have witnessed about boorish behavior was a co-worker who would pick a prime spot in front of the building and put construction cones around his new 700 series BMW,” wrote Keith Hegg. “One day an annoyed co-worker pulled within inches of his driver’s side door, forcing him to crawl over bucket seats to drive away. The cones never reappeared.”

Today’s Slice question: Do North Side residents ever refer to those on the South Hill as “Southerners”?

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