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NFL notes: Goodell considers changes to PATs

Roger Goodell doesn’t want to stand pat with the PAT. He’s suggesting potential changes in the extra point that, well, might have some legs.

The NFL commissioner says the extra-point kick after touchdowns, which had a success rate of nearly 100 percent in 2013, is too automatic.

With few teams attempting two-point conversion plays until desperation hits, the old one-pointer from 20 yards is the way coaches go.

So Goodell wonders if the league can add excitement by making some major adjustments to the extra point, suggesting perhaps making a touchdown worth seven points, with teams having the option to run a play for another point.

But failing on that play would cost them a point.

Gase withdraws

Denver offensive coordinator Adam Gase removed his name from consideration for the Cleveland Browns job. Gase informed Browns owner Jimmy Haslam on Tuesday.