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WEDNESDAY, JAN. 22, 2014

War within is possible

I genuinely hope and pray that we never see a shooting war between “we the people” and our government. One reason is that I sometimes wonder whether we have the moral fiber necessary to win such a confrontation, let alone to rebuild a godly nation in the aftermath.

Still, any honest reading of America’s founders on the matter makes it abundantly clear that they expected the militia – i.e., the citizenry – to own and be proficient in the use of military rifles, as a deterrent to enemies both foreign and domestic.

One common objection to citizens owning AR-15s – the civilian version of the basic rifle of the U.S. military – goes like this: “What could citizens with rifles possibly hope to achieve against the U.S. military, and its tanks, fighter planes and attack helicopters?”

I can only answer that question with another: Why would one assume that the Americans behind those tanks, fighter planes and attack helicopters would obey an order to wage war on their fellow citizens?

Frank Golubski

Spokane Valley

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