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Thu., Jan. 23, 2014, midnight

Celebrate more Americans

Martin Luther King Jr. deserves all the honors, accolades and respect given to him. I was born in 1951, and raised in Alberta, Canada. I knew nothing of Watts riots, Woolworth counter, Rosa Parks and the reverend’s march on the capital until permanently moving here and piecing things together a bit at a time.

Without Mahatma Gandhi peacefully resisting the British, King and his peace marches would have never occurred. Why is there not a separate special day for those that have won the Congressional Medal of Honor when so many have given their lives in defense of all our freedom? How about a national holiday for scientists that have taken us from coal oil lamps and the horse and buggy into space? How about a national holiday for good schoolteachers that are underpaid and educate our children.

My point is that there are many others just as deserving. Please explore this question: Why Martin Luther King Jr. only?

Kenneth Johansen


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