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Megan Peffer, Mead

THURSDAY, JAN. 23, 2014

Age: 18

Plans to attend: Brigham Young University

Best advice: The best piece of advice ever given to me was from my best friend. I had been presented with a very big decision that could turn my life into two different directions. I was having an extremely difficult time deciding what to do. I had turned to every mentor and to my faith for the answer, but was only given vague suggestions. While on the verge of a breakdown, my best friend came to me, took my shoulders and said, “Megan, decide, commit and forget. You aren’t being given a straight answer because it isn’t what you choose, as long as it is what YOU pick, commit to and forget about what could have happened.” This gave me the wake-up call I needed and has stuck with me as I ponder other big decisions in my life. It is no wonder she is my best friend.


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