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Sat., Jan. 25, 2014

Love for the Constitution

The Constitution is the greatest document ever created. I lived in Europe for nine years, and I have been to Turkey and Pakistan. I’m a retired military officer and a war veteran. I have seen how these people live. Our Constitution sets us aside from all other countries.

I have heard our Constitution is old and outdated. I disagree. Even though our Founding Fathers did not have any concept of computers, cellphones or the Internet, they wrote the Constitution so people could make changes. The Constitution allows for change if the Senate, the House and the states approve an amendment with a two-thirds vote.

When we have disagreement, this is good for the people. No other country has this right or this process. We resolve our differences and move on. Sometimes it takes a little longer, depending on the issue. This is our way and it is established by of our Constitution.

The Constitution gives each of us individual rights others in this world do not have. But our Constitution is threatened by individuals abusing the rights it gives to citizens. People always mess up a good thing.

Mike Brunson

Springdale, Wash.

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