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Sun., Jan. 26, 2014

Black market looking better

Oh, boy! We voted to legalize pot. That’s fantastic! But wait; now the lawmakers, the regulators, the oh-so-righteous do-gooders, the pseudo-moral morons, and the just plain stupid people are taking over and they now have to manage our legal marijuana.

It never used to be this complicated. What went wrong? I don’t have an answer, but I can tell you that black-market marijuana has always been abundant and I’m betting that it’s not going away. Furthermore, if your rules, regulations and taxes jack up the price of pot like I think it’s destined to do, I’m going to tell your legal, commercial pot market to take a flying toke in a rolling bong and continue to buy my pot from independent black-market entrepreneurs.

Here’s a head’s up: The price of non-taxed, black-market pot has already started to go down. So, go ahead, wrap yourselves up in your freedom-stifling, bureaucratic pot management. I’ll just keep getting mine from Joe down the street for less money and less hassle, and, yes, it will still stimulate the economy.

Stan Carpenter

Spokane Valley

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