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Sun., Jan. 26, 2014

It’s been a great ride

To the wide and diverse population of supporters and fans of high school athletics in the greater Spokane area, I wish to express my heartfelt and humble thank you. I have been granted the privilege of experiencing the vast array of competitive events at Albi Stadium, as a player and as a coach, which have bestowed upon me a wealth of irreplaceable memories from who few can outnumber.

To all the players whom I had the honor and good fortune to be associated with as you crossed the white line to compete and play the game as representatives of something greater than yourself, yet so dependent on individual performances, I thank you for the moments. I hope you remember the fun we shared and maintain those special bonds you created with your teammates.

My first, and most lasting, memories of the excitement, anticipation and final summaries of high school athletics began with Merle (Doc) Derrick. Since then The Spokesman-Review has provided consistent, thorough, and thoughtful coverage of the high school arena. It is my hope that the reporting of the competition, camaraderie and essence of the experience continues without hyped opinions and conclusions.

Finally, I would like to express my gratitude to the whole of the Mead School District community for your enthusiasm and support for the high school athletic experience which is provided thoughout our boundaries. You are envied throughout the state. It has been a great ride.

Mike McLaughlin

Former head football coach at Mead and Mt. Spokane High schools

What about GU women?

Announcement: We have a nationally ranked women’s basketball team in Spokane, the Lady Zags, but you wouldn’t know it by reading The Spokesman-Review.

While the men’s team has a featured article on the front page, continuing on to the third page, as well as pictures on both pages, the women get a brief story on page 5 above a picture of the UW men’s team.

Don’t you think a team that is nationally ranked, leads the WCC, and nearly sells out every home game deserves a little more respect from the local media? The fans are there. Where’s the balance in news coverage?

Carol McVicker


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