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Why attack beliefs?

Gary Garoutte’s letter of Jan. 20 regarding Christianity notes that many religious principles and moral teachings of the Christian religion were taught long before the birth of Christ. He suggests this somehow disproves Christianity.

The Old Testament tells of some of God’s dealings with mankind from the beginning. He taught and sent forth prophets to teach religious truths and moral values to mankind. We should not be surprised that the great moral teachers throughout history have understood and taught the same principles.

This commonality of moral beliefs among various peoples, nationalities and faiths (or lack thereof) implies there is some standard of morality to which people should conform. We know we ought to follow it. Someone or something is urging us to do the right thing by others. Christians believe we are all the children of God, that He is this source of truth, and that He wants all to have his truth. None of this in any way lessens the importance of the mission and teachings of Christ.

The real question is why Garoutte feels compelled to attack the beliefs of Christians.

Kevin Wright

Spokane Valley


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