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Tue., Jan. 28, 2014

Celebrate school choice

School choice is a hot topic in Washington as our state is slated to welcome its first public charter schools. While choice is often discussed as a platform benefiting students, teachers, too, are benefiting from school choice policies.

The fact is that every educational setting is a choice, from traditional public, to virtual, to public charter and private. Teachers have many options that can enhance creativity, flexibility and opportunity. In creating a profession fit for 2014, teachers here in the Northwest are taking advantage of the possibilities offered by new school environments like never before.

We’ve all heard varying opinions about specific school choice policies and their impact on students. Strangely, some try and paint this as a threat to teachers, but really it is a revolution that promises unlimited potential for the profession. The future of education is being built around choice and technology, and teachers are embracing this future.

Jan. 27 through Feb. 1 is National School Choice Week and, as an educators’ organization, Northwest Professional Educators is celebrating all teachers and their professional choices. 2014 will be the year for school and teacher choice, and we should welcome these exciting developments.

Cindy Omlin


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