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Tue., Jan. 28, 2014, midnight

Previous war within

Thank you, Frank Golubski, for your Jan. 22 letter, “War within is possible.”

Actually, there already has been a war within. That war took place in Athens, (McMinn County) Tenn., Aug. 1-2, 1946. The gunbattle between the sheriff’s office and a number of combat-hardened World War II vets was the result of years of voter fraud and malfeasance of office perpetuated by the sheriff and his cronies.

For years the citizens of McMinn County had requested help from the federal government to investigate the corruption within the county. But the only thing the government gave the citizens was a deaf ear.

The McMinn County War is a perfect example of what the Second Amendment is all about. The voting process is the cornerstone of this constitutional government. When corruption and fraud undermines the democracy, such as it did in McMinn County, it is then time to resort to firearms.

Hence the saying of the McMinn County citizenry: “From Ballots to Bullets.”

Charles Delgado


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