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The Slice: Talk about a sticky situation

Tue., Jan. 28, 2014, midnight

When we started talking about always using a clean knife when accessing a jar of jelly, I could not have predicted this turn in the conversation.

“Our dog, who shall remain nameless, was recently afflicted with an infection that required the administration of an oral antibiotic capsule,” wrote a gentleman who corresponds with The Slice on a regular basis from Spokane Valley. “The most effective means of administration is to take a dollop of peanut butter on a kitchen knife, mush the pill into the peanut butter and offer the concoction as a treat.

“On one of the recent administrations, I had a fail which required re-dipping the knife in the peanut butter. Without thinking, I did so, then realized that the knife had been contaminated with dog-lip germs.

“Well, for me, the solution was just to take a clean knife and scoop out the area directly adjacent to the contaminated area of the PB and move on. Which I did.

“Now, the problem is that a certain other member of the household believes that any utensil, dish or other object that has come in contact with dog-lips should absolutely never be subjected to human use again, even if it is sterilized to hospital standards. So, you can see the situation. That certain other person has at this point eaten some of the peanut butter. (I really did forget to mention it.)

“Let’s just say that if this chain of events were to ever see the light of day and were attributed to me, my life would be somewhat less pleasant than it otherwise will be. So, if you choose to relate this story, please change the names to protect the semi-innocent.”

Slice answer: What award should you win? “I am definitely in the running for ‘Most skeptical,’ ” said Sue Chapin.

Warm-up question: Ever been part of an angry mob?

Today’s Slice question: What else happened on the day you were born?

OK, I’ll start. Frank Sinatra recorded “In the Wee Small Hours of the Morning” and J.D. Salinger got married.

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